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Cracks can be measured from a distance without scaffolds.
Baum Station
Baum Station
The efficiency of total stations is raised to their fullest.
KUMONOS enables to obtain accurate crack inspection result.

What's New

  • KUMONOS Corporation (KUMONOS Division) has obtained ISO55001 certification, the international standard for Asset Management System.  We will provide consulting services for inspection, analysis, and repair of concrete frame buildings and for asset management of concrete structures in conformity with the ISO standard.

    KUMONOS Division Obtains ISO55001

  • KUMONOS and Baum Station will appear at World of Concrete in Las Vegas! Please drop by our booth C4141, and try innovative measurement systems with total stations. http://www.worldofconcrete.com/Attendee/ExpoHall/BoothDetails/1012592

    World of Concrete 2016

  • KUMONOS at Leica Geosystems booth

    KUMONOS will be presented at INTERGEO 2015 in Stuttgart! Please visit and try to touch the innovative crack inspection system “KUMONOS” at Leica Geosystems booth.

    KUMONOS at INTERGEO 2015 in Stuttgart