3D Laser Scanning & Data Processing

Types of Device

Long Range 3D Laser Scanner

The most popular type. It is mounted on a tripod and scans the surrounding environment with high precision.

Wearable Mobile Mapping Solution

An operator can carry the system on his/her back just like a backpack while scanning.
The type of scanned areas can widely vary from vast areas of mountains to narrow passages of city streets.

Type-of-Vehicle-Independent Mobile Mapping Solution

By fixing it on a car, a train car or a vessel, it covers a wider areas and at higher speeds.

Long Range 3D Laser Scanner

faro logoFocus S 350

  • Scans Surrounding Environments as 3D Point Cloud Data
  • Enables to Creation of Drawings and 3D Modeling
  • Utilized in Repair Planning, Disaster Prevention Simulation etc.

3D laser scanner is a device that captures shapes of surrounding objects in a form of “point clouds” – meaning that all information become digitized.

The data can be utilized for modeling, monitoring of infrastructure, security checks, designs and etc.

Visualization of Piping at Plant Facilities

By creating the model data from acquired point clouds, users can detect possibilities of conflicts in complex piping systems. Also, it is suitable for simulation of new facilities and planning of the new piping layouts.

Disaster Simulation at Public Facilities

By scanning the entire shapes of the facilities and converting the data into CAD drawings it is possible to realize more efficient renovations and repairs. The data can also be used for disaster simulation such as flooding.

Investigation of Damaged Cultural Property

Original drawings of the cultural property, built hundreds of years ago might be lost at the present. 3D scanning helps to recreate/create elevation or section view drawings. Moreover, the acquired data of minute details of decorations is essential for the preservation activities.

Overseas Projects

Location Thailand
Field Work 2 days
Number of Equipment 1
Reference Points 80
Purpose 3D scanning for the factory equipment
Location Malaysia
Field Work 2 days
Number of Equipment 1
Reference Points 80
Purpose 3D scanning for the factory equipment
Location Taiwan
Field Work 12 days
Number of Equipment 2
Reference Points 1,200
Purpose 3D scanning for the factory equipment
Location China
Field Work 3 days
Number of Equipment 1
Reference Points 90
Purpose 3D scanning and data processing for collision detection of new pipeline

Wearable Mobile Mapping Solution

leica logoPegasus: Backpack

  • Scan Surroundings While Walking
  • Enable Capturing of Areas Previously Hardly Accessible
  • Expand Scannable Areas in Combination with Long Range Scanner

Leica Pegasus: Backpack is a wearable scanning system, composed of 3D laser scanners, high resolution cameras GPS and Inertial Measurement Units, that scans the surroundings while operator is on the move.

Project for World Heritage Sites

During 2015 Nepal earthquake, buildings and infrastructure were severely damaged. In 2017, we conducted a 3D laser scanning project with Pegasus: Backpack, and captured 3D point clouds data of damaged areas and World Heritage Sites. The data can be utilized for the restoration plan in future.

In combination with long range scanner, operators can scan wider area with higher precision.

Left: Captured point cloud data
Right: Generated map from the point cloud

Type-of-Vehicle-Independent Mobile Mapping Solution

leica logoPegasus: Two

  • Be Fixed on Car, Train or Vessel
  • Capture Tens of kilometers of Point Cloud Data / Day
  • Scan Wider Range of Areas At High Speeds

Landscape Simulation

We scanned the current environment of roads and buildings and created 3D models for the landscape simulation caused by road expansion.

Inspection for Bay Embankment

Although it is difficult to scan the vertical surface of the embankment, we captured the surface from seaside continuously by using Pegasus: Two fixed on the boat.

Quality of Deliverables Relies on Proper Data Processing.


Laser Scanning

Laser Scanning

On the Ground

Set a laser scanner on the ground and capture point clouds of shapesof surroundings and color information.

While Walking

Walk in a field while carrying Pegasus: Backpack on the operator’s back and scan.

On the Vehicle

Scan with Pegasus Two mounted on a vehicle.


Post Processing

Post Processing

Register Coordinates

Register coordinates information obtained by other surveying equipment and point clouds.

Combine Data

Combine point clouds captured from multiple locations into a single data set.

Noise Removal

Detect and remove noise which is not essential or is unnecessary.





Traced on point clouds and created multiple views of the drawings. That reflects the current condition of the building.

3D Modeling

Modeled 3D data based on point clouds. InfiPoints software recognizes shapes of pipes of the plant facility and produces models automatically.


Carried out the simulation of water level in the underground shoppinr area during flooding, and utilizer for planninr or evauaton plans.

3D Printing

Correct lost parts of point clouds and convert into a mesh data. Then 3D printer can produce the model in full color.