What We Do

Shift from "Surveying for construction" to "Surveying for preservation"

I have 30 years of experience in construction surveying. In 1995, this company was established to assist in the recovery from The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. Thereafter, the number of incidents involving existing infrastructure has increased all over the world.

Therefore, we have decided to focus most of our efforts on the maintenance and management of infrastructure. For this purpose, we have developed breakthrough monitoring technologies under the slogan of “Challenging to measure things that could not be measured”. I believe our advanced technology solves most of our customer’s problems and helps to preserve safety and security.

President and CEO


Company Name
KUMONOS Corporation
Kazuhide Nakaniwa
March 1995
Capital Stock
30 million JPY
126 (as of Jan 2021)
HQ & Branches
Japan: Osaka (HQ), Tokyo, Kanagawa, Kyoto, Hyogo, Yamaguchi, Fukuoka,
Surveying, Construction Management, Inspection of Concrete Structures, Development of Inspection Systems, Sales and Rental Services of Surveying Equipment
Main Clients
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Local Governments, OBAYASHI Corporation, Takenaka Corporation, Construction Consultants, etc.
Business Registrations
  • Architectural Consultant (Ken-26 No.10134)
  • Survey Business (No.(5)23542)
  • First-class Architects Office Osaka (I)No. 23981
  • Construction Business Osaka (Han-27) No. 124994
  • ISO55001 Certification (KUMONOS Division) MSA-AS-3
Certified Professionals

Professional Certificates

Doctor of Engineering
Professional Engineer
Engineering Management
Materials & Structures
Road Engineering
Urban & Regional Planning
Railway Engineering
Tunnel Engineering
Associate Professional

Other Certificates

Professional Railway Design Engineer
First-class architect
The Civil Engineering Works Execution Managing Engineer
The Building Operation and Management Engineer
Certified Surveyor
Associate Professional Civil Engineer
Concrete Diagnostics Engineer
Concrete Engineer
Highway Bridge Inspector
Company History
Kansai Construction Survey Co., Ltd. established
HQ moved to the current location due to the business expansion
Sales of the crack inspection system “KUMONOS” started
Tokyo branch opened
Business partnership with NISHIO RENT ALL Co., Ltd. started
Company name changed to “KUMONOS Corporation”
Kanagawa, Kyushu and Sapporo branches opened
KUMONOS USA established in San Francisco, CA, USA
Amagasaki branch opened
Overseas Experience

Equipment Sales

USA, China, Korea, Thailand, Brazil, and the other 15 countries

3D Surveying Service

  • Bridge as-built surveying (Bangladesh)
  • Plant surveying (Malaysia, Taiwan), etc.


USA, Germany, China, Malaysia, etc.


Technical Seminars in Thailand, China, Russia, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany, Vietnam, etc.

Other Projects

  • Feasibility Study (Malaysia & Thailand)
  • ODA Verification Survey with Private Sector for Disseminating
  • Japanese Technology (Thailand)
  • Tobidase Japan (Nepal)