About us

About Us

  • We mainly conduct measurements using various instruments. Also, we develop instruments and accessories for measurements based on our knowledge and experience in surveys.

    – Surveys and Measurements
    Fine service and quality results are provided by our skilled engineers and advanced tools and instruments.
    – Development & Sale
    We develop and sell instruments and accessories which are related to surveying
    in order to meet the needs of our clients and to enable safer surveying.

Corporate Profile

  • Company Name (Eng)
    KUMONOS Corporation
  • Head Office Location
    2-1-15 Sembahigashi Minoh-shi Osaka 5620035 JAPAN
  • CEO
    Kazuhide NAKANIWA
  • Foundation
    March. 1995
  • Number of Employees


    The total station for crack inspections
  • Yojimbo
    An accessory against overturning for tripods
  • Baum Station
    The total station for cylindrical structures measurements


  • General Surveys
    Determine Controlling Points, Leveling, Topographical Surveys, Cadastral Surveys, GPS Surveys, Bathymetric urveys
  • Construction Surveys
    Finishing Stake, Batter board, Measured Survey, Monitoring Survey
  • Construction Management
  • GIS
  • 3D Laser Scanner
  • Crack Inspection