i-Construction Division

Well experienced technical support for your construction projects. Information and Communication Technology provides more effective results.

We have vast experience in the construction industry. Typical works include staking, cross-sectioning, topographical surveys, markings, pile centering and monitoring surveys. We possess a wide range of surveying techniques.

To promote the “i-Construction” program of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, we introduce and develop new technologies indispensable for the construction industry.

Geospatial Information Division

We introduced the use of 3D laser scanners to surveying works for the first time in Japan.

We were the first to introduce 3D scanning technology and are proud to have a wealth of more than 15 years of knowledge and expertise. Since we were pioneers in this field, our customers get a reliable service based on our long-term knowledge and vast experience.

This technology is getting more and more attention, not only from the survey industry but also from other types of businesses.

KUMONOS Division

Perform rapid, safe and secure deterioration inspections remotely

Conduct cracks and tile peeling survey on building’s external walls remotely. External wall diagnosis is essential in building maintenance works.

By using “KUMONOS” and “THERMO DELTA”, developed in the company, inspections can be performed rapidly and precisely at a safe distance from objects. Additionally, renderings from provided data have higher accuracy compared with manual inspections.

KUMONOS Division

Regular inspections for damages and degradation are necessary to conduct cost-effective maintenance and management.

Deterioration of infrastructure is increasing rapidly, becoming a more and more serious issue in the close future. Therefore, it is essential to provide an effective management based on accurate analysis of damages and deterioration.

Our company promotes application of IT in inspection works by adapting latest available techniques and instruments. We also propose innovative ways to effectively use digitalized data.

Polyurea Division

Consistent service from crack inspection into coating. We developed new method and acquire a patent.

Polyurea is a new coating material which protects various kinds of surfaces with just spraying and performs high durability. We developed new and patented methods enabling to apply this material into the object which had been difficult to be applied.

From the crack inspection into the coating, we offer consistent maintenance service for structures. We developed KUMONOS method and S-blower method.

3D Content Business

Utilize precise surveying technologies in new fields.

We are also focusing on 3D content business to utilize our high-end technologies in various kinds of fields. From 3D point cloud data, we plan and produce 3D contents such as 3DCG modeling, video, and VR. So far, the content has been used for promotional videos and other public relations materials of sports facilities and cultural properties.