Data on cracks

The width, length, shape, 3D positional coordinates of cracks 2D and 3D data.

Technical Improvements

Measurement of crack width

from a distance of up to (m) 1.5 5 10 30 50 ・・・ 100 ・・・
A width down to (mm) 0.007 0.022 0.044 0.132 0.221 ・・・ 0.441 ・・・
*from a right angle

Distances of 1.5 up to 1000m are measurable without a reflector.
Compensation of collimation angle
When we view the same width from different angles, they look different.
Some of them look thick, others thin and others a medium width as the pictures show.

From a RIGHT angle From an OBLIQUE angle
From a RIGHT angle From an OBLIQUE angle

This phenomenon is a problem for crack inspection,but KUMONOS automatically compensates for the angle and gets the right width.

Data Management

The data gathered is added in order of it’s acquisition and accompanied by the positional coordinates.
It is easy to plot out a bridge, wall, weir, building or arched structures such as tunnels.

Wide Inspection Range

Structures such as the following can be inspected by KUMONOS.
Bridges, walls, dams, tunnels, concrete pavements and other concrete structures.
These areas are no longer problematic.
Inaccessible places such as a busy street or river is in front of the object you want to measure.
Places where scaffolds and boom lifts are inaccessible.


The gap between the real object and the data acquired.
A Used Method  Gap between the real object and the data acquired
Traditional Method  18mm to 72.5mm

↓ approx. 1/30 at the max!!

With KUMONOS     1.8mm to 2.5mm
Labor intensive tracing is reduced.
Injury risks are reduced because it is no longer necessary to work a on scaffolds or a boom lift.
Cost are reduced.
Scaffolds, a boom lift and the workers preparing them are not necessary.

Other Advantages

Easy to track of the changes in cracks over time.
A vital tool in the preparation of plans.
Formulate the appropriate repair plans.
Efficient asset management.
KUMONOS has been registered as 2 class A total station by Geospatial Information Authority of Japan.
NETIS Registered No. KK-080019-V, Name of the new technology :Concrete Crack Inspection System
KUMONOS was named as one of the recommended technologies registered in NETIS by the Japanese Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.