Remote Crack Inspection System

Remote Crack Inspection System

Measure crack width of 0.4mm from 100m away.

No more scaffolds and elevated work platforms.

  • Remotely Measure Crack Width, Shape and Location
  • Automatically Create CAD Drawings
  • Decrease Time and Costs of Crack Inspection Work

KUMONOS is a crack and other concrete defects inspection and measurement system. It allows to measure cracks of 0.4mm width from 100m distance, record their shapes and automatically plot data in CAD applications.

Registered in NETIS (New Technology Information System) by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
No. KK-080019-V


The world’s first built-in crack scale

Crack width are calculated from the relation of the distance between the crack and the instrument, and the gauge number that is found by positioning the scale mark over the crack.

Improved Measurement Accuracy

KUMONOS can measure crack width of 0.3mm, 0.2mm, and 0.1mm from the respective distances of 80 meters, 50 meters, and 25 meters.

This increase in measurable range allows safe and secure crack inspection in places where scaffolds or boom lifts have been required, and crack inspection was difficult or impossible.

Automatic creation of CAD drawings using dedicated software

The dedicated application software automatically converts acquired measurement data to CAD data and creates plotted drawings.

It is possible to create layers, as well as add crack numbers and crack extensions to the CAD drawing.


Embankment of Dam

KUMONOS is an effective method of crack measurement for dams where is difficult to set up scaffolding.

We measure cracks, peeling off, efflorescence, aggregate exposure and etc. from a distnces of 100 meters away and over.

Measurement area 18,500 ㎡
Number of cracks 241 in total
Field work 10 man-days
Office work 4 man-days
Measurement area
/1 man-day
1,850 ㎡

An inspector can measure cracks safely and accurately from a remote location.


Elevated work platforms and the traffic restrictions are not required. Inspectors can measure cracks from the sidewalk safely without setting the instrument in the center of the road.

Also, the data obtained from multiple locations can be combined and presented development view CAD drawings in a matter of minutes.

Measurement area 4,710 ㎡
Number of cracks 108 in total
Field work 4 man-days
Office work 2 man-days
Measurement area
/1 man-day
1,177 ㎡

Overwrapping KUMONOS data with 3D scanner’ s point cloud, the location of cracks can easily be visualized in 3D.

Combination with Photogrammetry

More accurate measurements with a combination of two methods


  • Measure crack width of 0.2mm from 120m away
  • Avoid missing areas of inspection for any visible damages
  • Enhanced accuracy of the crack location: within ±3mm
  • Detect crack widths more accurately with photo correction
  • Create detailed drawings from a remote location
  • Reduce required days of the field work

Detected cracks

Featured in TV Show

Japanese broadcasting company NHK showed KUMONOS as a “J-Innovators” for worldwide. It is easy to understand the mechanism of KUMONOS.