KUMONOS Presentation at Hexagon LIVE 2015 in Las Vegas

KUMONOS will appear at Hexagon LIVE 2015 in Las Vegas!
Now we are ready to make a presentation for Hexagon conference in Las Vegas. Our presentation will start at Tuesday, Jun 2, 4:30 PM – 5:15 PM. Please come and see our innovative technology, KUMONOS and Baum Station.

9200 – KUMONOS and Baum Station – Practical Applications of New-Generation Reticles for Crack Inspection

Kazuhide Nakaniwa , Kansai Construction Survey Co., Ltd.

KUMONOS is the unique optical system with built-in innovative reticle-scale for crack measurements. KUMONOS facilitates the measurement of cracks from 0.4 mm from distance of 100 meters. The results obtained are automatically converted to three-dimensional digital data format and can be imported in CAD software for further processing. KUMONOS allows more precise data in a shorter interval of time than traditional methods. With KUMONOS precision, safety and economic performance are increased allowing it to play constructive role in infrastructure assets management. Baum Station is also a system utilizing innovative reticle which, combined with a Total Station allows the remotely measurement of radii and central coordinates of cylindrical objects such as poles, piles etc., This presentation will demonstrate a system that significantly improves the automation of construction pile driving techniques. Both technologies are patented in the United States, Japan and Europe and are the technologies recommended by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan.